Our People

It takes a village...

Stuart Gilbert

Head of Studio & Production

Rebecca Daniel

Sustainable Digital Marketing Manager

Sarah Cooke

Senior Account Manager

Olli Taylor

Sustainable Snr. Project Manager

Simon Davis

CEO, Walk-In Media

Florence Holmes

Comms Planning Manager

Richard Armstrong

Sustainable Partner

Lesley Scott

Office Manager and Finance Assistant

Sam Dempsey

Account Director

Kelly Church

Lead Channel Planner


Doggo Director

Martyn Goh

Head of Design

Julian French

Planning Director

Paula McKee

Client Services Director

Mark Geiser

IT Manager

Matt Williams

Group Head of Content

Scott Sibson

Senior Developer

Rob Goodwin

Chief Data Officer

Cameron Archbold

Media Assistant

Morgan Cox

Head of Dynamic Content and Production

Lauren Foskett

Sustainable Business Director

Crawford Tait

Technical Consultant

Kerry Fyans

Head of Media

Claire Sutherland


Leo Williams

Sustainable Head of Design

Adam Smith

Creative Director

Tim Lindsay


Nadiia Leshchenko

Content Producer

Elena Pala

Senior Account Manager

Helen Hourston

Managing Director

William Railton

Sustainability Strategist

Nicola Potter

Client Services Manager

Lucas Peon

Chief Creative Officer

Grant McKendry

Head of Digital

Darren Khan

Sustainable Production Lead