National Inclusion Week

3 October 2023

Celebrating National Inclusion Week at The Gate

At the beginning of the month we joined with our brother and sister agencies across MSQ to celebrate National Inclusion Week. Simply and importantly, a week dedicated to honouring the inclusion actions we have been taking to promote inclusivity in all our agency workplaces.

We celebrated in various ways, like teaming up with colleagues from East and Southeast Asia to explore and blog about the rich cultural tapestry of this part of the world and how our colleagues uncovered their cultures here in the UK. We enjoyed their recommendations for tantalizing cuisines and the intriguing insights they provided across a rollercoaster of flavours, stories, and heritage. We did other things besides, such as putting our social economic backgrounds to the test, and lots of us joined speed mentoring sessions where we shared learnings from our Diversity of Thinking team.

The week was a strong affirmation of our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and our firmly held belief in building an inclusive culture with quality of opportunity and advancement through fairness and transparency. In real terms it means we strive towards no gender pay gap, increasing ethnic and gender diversity at all levels of our company, training our people in areas that promote minority, racial and gender equity, and ensuring the diversity and inclusivity weaves through our work and our approach in everything we do.