The challenge

In the fight to reach Net Zero, the biggest tool available isn’t even on the agenda.

Our strategic solution

Brand, surface, and popularise ‘Nature Positive’; highlighting that biodiversity can provide 1/3 of the carbon capture we need.

Which we delivered through

Brand marque, messaging, and campaign

And brought to life across

Events activity including:
UN Climate Action Summit (2018); New York Climate Week (2019); COP26; Climate COP27 and biodiversity COP15; Nature Positive Pavilion.
Plus: Advertising, field, PR, social, media engagement, and sustainable print pieces and merchandise.

Resulting in

  • Purpose Award 2023 winner
  • 100s of new policies, pledges and commitments
  • NbS mentions trebled on social
  • Subscribers to social channels increased by 1100%
  • 32 funding partners onboard
  • Media reached international audience of 30+ million, 60+ countries
  • Social media average of 98% positive sentiment
  • 200k engagements
  • (65k mentions of #Nature Positive) on Twitter
  • Engagement rates + 70% on Linkedin
  • Over 250 partners, local leaders and organisations
  • King Charles mentioned Nature Positive x3 at COP28 opening